Rail Passengers : 2 Days of Travel Chaos Due to Strike

Rail Passengers : 2 Days of Travel Chaos Due to Strike

Some of the busiest commuter routes in the south will be hit by the chaos of strikes from conductors on Southern Rail Trains. RMT Union (Rail, Maritime and Transport) will be striking from Tuesday saying its target hours 11am onwards for 24 hours was aiming to cause as many issues as possible to its services and customers.

The strike was said to be about safety as a result to company cost cuts, Southern have been making what has been said to be a list of totally unnecessary cuts and have until now refused to engage in any talks with the union. Southern have also planned to change job roles such as conductors and guard on its trains. This strike also disputes the proposals for driver only trains, removing the roles or needs for conductors.

The routes including heavily used and relied upon commuter routes such as London Victoria Line, London to Brighton and all early and late trains along the coast. The routes will be targeted in a hope to cause as many issues during the time of the strike. Passengers on usually crowded trains will find themselves suffering from more crowds, more queues and even more limitations on the lines.

Services on Tuesday and Wednesday are cancelled for a list of destinations from Horsham to Tonbridge and even more.

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) chief operating officer, Dyan Crowther stated that the franchise had announced no job losses and denied any risk to safety in the plans, maintaining that the method had been used in the rail network for over 30 years. New technology sees to evolve the conductor on board role so conductors can focus on transactions to make sure that customer service is key for the customers.

RMT stated the gamble that Southern was taking by putting profits before safety could be a lethal mistake.

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