Loksys International Launch Train Monitoring System

Loksys International Launch Train Monitoring System

Loksys International, one of the world’s most innovative supply-chain solutions provider has signed a 2-year contract with TMS, the Turkish Railways maintenance partners, to design, install and operate an advanced rolling stock and freight monitoring solution. By using this technology, TMS can help Turkish Railways (TCDD) monitor and enhance the operational running of Turkey’s High-Speed rail network. 

By fitting a range of wireless mobile and GPS tracking devices with motion sensors and other analysis technology, Loksys helps TMS highlight potential delays on the rail network, mechanical faults on the rolling stock as well other minor technical defects. In this way delays and cancellations are kept to the minimum and customer and staff safety is prioritised. In addition, the time taken to carry out routine servicing and rolling stock maintenance is being drastically reduced as the data gathered helps TMS to have the right staff and components in the right place at the right time.

Perhaps even more significantly, by using IOT sensor connected rail car “bogies”, the Loksys/TMS solution can help identify faulty track by the analysis of a range of noise and pressure data. This allows TMS/TCDD to work quickly to close and repair the damaged sections, often before it comes noticeable to any human train operator or even some of the specialist track analysis rolling stock. 

Working to a request from TMS, Loksys constructed the solution around its renowned Trak-chain technology. This proven technology was then integrated with Loksys’s proprietary ScientiaQ multi-purpose software platform and specific IoT hardware to fundamentally transform and enhance the way railway infrastructure can be operated and managed. The entire tracking and management system can provide a huge range of operational data and analytics to help run the Turkish High-Speed Rail network more safely and more effectively. 

Commenting on the project Ian McDermot, Managing Director of Loksys Intl said, “The Turkish Railway project has been of our most challenging yet rewarding contracts to date. Because of the exacting nature of TMS’s requirements, we had to integrate a wide variety of sensors and tracking tools, all of which are monitored and controlled through the Loksys secure ScientiaQ software platform. During the 4-month trial period, we worked closely and quickly with TMS to adapt and develop our technology to deliver a monitoring system that provides a level of data, analysis and diagnosis never seen before in the rail industry. This in turn is driving higher operational cost efficiency so that funds can be invested in alternative areas.”

“Though this project has been challenging at times, we are delighted with the solution we have provided and are very proud that Loksys and TMS have partnered so effectively to bring safer, more efficient and more reliable travel on Turkey’s rail network,” concluded McDermot. 

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