GTS : The Go-To Green Logistics Company

GTS : The Go-To Green Logistics Company

GTS Logistics’ MD Tony Prescott was named ‘‘Business Leader of the Year’ at the Logistics UK Awards, as the company continues to set new benchmarks in the sector.

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GTS Logistics UK has, since its inception eight years ago, been driven by a commitment to reduce carbon emissions within the supply chain. In less than a decade, it has made great strides. It has saved millions of kilograms in CO2 for a growing number of clients, including big-name brands like supermarket chain Aldi. Its intermodal operations have successfully cut carbon emissions by 75% compared to road-only transportation, and GTS is confident of making further significant gains in the next few years. 

With the support of GTS Group, the Italian family-owned logistics firm based in Bari and operating throughout Europe, GTS Logistics UK has enjoyed rapid growth. The impact it is having on the supply chain is being felt. Now turning over £5m and with additional intermodal revenues of over £10m per year for the Group Company, employing 20 staff, the company has become an indispensable part of its clients’ green agendas. Through road, rail, and sea, it is not only providing cost-effective logistics services, but also supporting clients in navigating their sustainability journey, finding tangible gains and practical solutions. 

“Things are changing fast,” says Tony Prescott, Managing Director. “All companies need a green road map and they each have a responsibility to decarbonise their own business but also consider scope 3 (indirect) emissions. These include their supply chain which is often neglected. We are very customer-focused with a clear plan to offer sustainable value over the long term 

GTS Logistics

“Logistics is a dirty industry accounting for 25% of all global carbon emissions. If no action is taken, that will rise to 40% in the next five years. By switching from road to intermodal transport, companies can reduce carbon emissions by 75%. We have worked hard to build a team of committed highly motivated people who care deeply about our mission and customers.”

Tony’s dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable transport and logistics industry was celebrated last year when he was named Business Leader of the Year at the Logistics UK Awards. However, he credits the entire team for the accolade, praising their tireless efforts and expertise in helping make GTS Logistics UK such a success.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved so far. That is in building a sustainable company, one that exists long after I’ve retired. That offers people the opportunities to develop their careers and values their skills and ambitions. We also want to set the highest standards. We do that by working closely with our customers, understanding the journey that they’re on, and creating relationships that endure. It’s ultimately about leading by example. The award is a recognition of our achievements over the last year and the hard work and dedication of our entire team.”

GTS Logistics

Tony feels there are several factors behind GTS’ award. He highlights efforts to build the foundations for long-term success. The company has also invested heavily in its systems and processes, as well as its people and skills development. More recently, it has created what it calls “The Book of GTS”, a blueprint singling out the values and objectives of the GTS UK company. It is vital, notes Tony, because the ultimate goal of carbon net zero will not be possible without a clear roadmap. 

“We know what we want to achieve. Everyone within the company is motivated to meet those goals.” Yet, while he acknowledges GTS is very good at what it does, there’s always room to learn. “We’re humble and every single day we’re looking to improve. That’s a reflection of what we are as a company: we’re genuine. We look to do the right thing. Ultimately, you’ll always face challenges but if you approach them in the right way, success will come. That’s our ethos. We don’t take shortcuts. We do things properly. That, I believe, makes us a company that people want to work for, and clients want to work with.”

GTS Logistics

Fundamentally, GTS is unlocking the advantages of intermodal for the UK supply chain. Working with clients, it is sharing knowledge and providing support. Through a comprehensive review of their logistics activities, it is identifying measures that will reduce overall CO2 emissions, backed by strategic, long-term solutions. 

“We say, let’s look in detail at what’s stopping companies from being able to use intermodal and then working with them to make those necessary changes. That could be planning, training, tracking and visibility; it’s about trying to understand the obstacles and finding the solutions to overcome them. So that companies aren’t relying solely on the road.”

Within the next 12 months, GTS will have produced a viability analysis for leading options for truck decarbonisation amongst its fleet. It is also targeting 50% of business miles to be made by electric trucks. The next year will also see it increase reverse logistics and reduce empty miles by 10%. Over the next three years, it aims to move 75% of its Supply Chain Management solutions operations to rail or sea. 

“It’s about action, not greenwashing,” says Tony, exampling a new partnership GTS has established with Salford Uni to develop an academic approach to sustainability best practice and innovation. “We go the extra mile for our customers. We really do care about what we’re doing.”

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