5.5% Rail Fare Hike - Unfair For Many

5.5% Rail Fare Hike - Unfair For Many

5.5% Rail Fare Hike – Unfair For Many

Today the Retail Prices Index revealed that inflation has risen to 2.5%, meaning that rail fares can be expected to rise by 3.5% average and as much as 5.5% in the New Year.

Rachel Bromley, Policy Advisor for Sustrans commented:

“With the July inflation figures published, commuters and train users everywhere will be anxiously waiting to see if the Chancellor will take action to ensure rail fares don’t sky rocket well above average earnings.

“If we’re going to help people get back to work and maintain the economic recovery, pricing more people out of rail travel will have a detrimental effect. In particular, young people and part time workers will be badly hit if a 3.5% rise goes ahead – making train travel unaffordable while many already struggle running a car.

“Last year the Chancellor showed he understood the negative impact of high trains costs on the economy by holding fares to an inflation only increase.  He needs to take action again this year.”

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