Petrotechnics Improve Safety & Operational Performance

Petrotechnics Improve Safety & Operational Performance

Petrotechnics, the leading provider of Proscient, the enterprise operations excellence management solutions for hazardous industries, announces a national contract with Network Rail. Working in partnership with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Petrotechnics will increase safety and improve productivity across 20,000 miles of Network Rail track by reducing the risk of delays, engineering overruns and spiralling maintenance costs.

Petrotechnics’ solution will form a key component of Network Rail’s ‘Planning and Delivering Safe Work’ programme, which is implementing a number of safety changes across the company’s infrastructure. Proscient will standardise actions around essential maintenance and repairs to reduce track time and mitigate the risk of injury and fatalities to staff.

“At Network Rail, safety is at the heart of what we do. Our vision that everyone goes home safe at the end of every day is something we must achieve. The plan and deliver safe work programme is one of the key strategic programmes that will help us to deliver this vision by improving decision making, conversations and behaviours for safer, more effective working,” said Mark Carne, Chief Executive, Network Rail.

“Proscient is essential to this programme as we believe that this deployment will allow us to reduce current levels of complexity and focus on considering and controlling operational risk more effectively. With tremendous expertise and capabilities, Petrotechnics was the best choice both for the technology solution and as a strategic partner.”

By choosing Proscient, Network Rail will benefit from Petrotechnics’ 25 year history of delivering operational risk management and control of work solutions to the oil and gas industry. The fundamental dynamic of improving safety at the same time as increasing productivity can be replicated across all hazardous industries and this new relationship will allow Petrotechnics to share its extensive knowledge with the rail industry.

“Petrotechnics is proud to be working with Network Rail to get more work done with less time and resources while reducing risk to its people and assets,” said Iain Mackay, Executive Vice President, Petrotechnics. “No matter which hazardous industry we look to, resources and time is becoming increasingly constrained and this must all be managed in the context of optimising work and reducing risk.”

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