Network Rail awards software contract to Journeo

Network Rail awards software contract to Journeo

Information systems and transport technical services group Journeo has received a software and associated services contract from UK-based Network Rail. Under the £1.2m contract, Journeo will offer advanced Portal software and associated services, including set-up, commissioning, and two years of software licencing, for ScotRail, responsible for the operation of more than 400 trains across the UK’s network.

The Journeo Portal is an intelligent cloud-based platform, which can be implemented across different modes of transport. It can be used along with image processing, remote sensing, artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms.

Following the recent deployment of Journeo by Northern Trains and South Western Trains, more than 800 of the current Journeo Portal connections are rail-based vehicles. The British Transport Police (BTP) can use on-board technology to directly view the Forward-Facing CCTV (FFCCTV) for fast incident management.

Upon completion of the contract, around 95% of the current ScotRail fleet will be linked to the Journeo Portal. The service will offer access to BTP and Network Rail, as well as the operator, to access the FFCCTV images remotely using advanced cyber security techniques with GPS coordinates for location accuracy.

Scope of the contract also includes the delivery of a new software application within the Journeo Portal called Track Incursion Monitoring (TIM). TIM will help scan and identify objects in front and around the kinematic envelope of the train.

“We are delighted to be providing Network Rail, ScotRail and British Transport Police with a fleet-wide deployment of our high security safety analytics software and data management applications within the SaaS based Journeo Portal. Developing and licencing software is a strategic objective of Journeo which is complementary to the historic hardware-based installations undertaken,” commented Journeo CEO Russ Singleton.

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