Ajusa Reveal They've Adopted the PACT Initiative

Ajusa Reveal They've Adopted the PACT Initiative

Ajusa UK, the manufacturer of Original Equipment, or OE, quality engine parts manufacturer has revealed that they have managed to adopt the PACT initiative. This electronic trading system will work to streamline the engine manufacturers communication with their parts distributors.

The PACT initiative will also work to support Ajusa with their supply of OE-quality gasket set as well as their manufacture of other engine components. Ajusa UK offer the largest variety of turbo ranges on the marketplace.

PACT will automate the procedures that come from a distributor’s business management system to a PACT-enabled supplier like Ajusa that can then deal with the processes in an efficient manner. These process could include stock enquiries as well as ordering and exchanging order acknowledgements, dispatch notes and invoices.

By adopting PACT, businesses have seen the improvement of internal processes which can help them to eradicate problems such as the supply of the wrong working part, and simple mistakes that can be removed in order to make a business run more efficiently.

Ajusa were looking for a way to keep expanding and moving forward by improving their business running procedures. Adopting PACT will allow the company to reduce the costs that come from their internal running processes. By smoothing out these processes the company will free up more time to look in to other areas of the business in order to improve and expand. Ajusa also works to offer their customers extra support such as fitting videos and images that are available to help end users.

PACT is thought to be working with more than 80 different leading passenger car and CV parts suppliers. The PACT network is also continuing to grow with the more leading market players signing up to use their operations. It is thought that more companies joining PACT will lead to an improved communication network between distributors, allowing them to communicate in a more efficient and direct way than ever.

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