Teesside Logistics Firm Makes £250k Investment

Teesside Logistics Firm Makes £250k Investment

A Teesside-based international logistics company has invested £250,000 in expanding and refurbishing its headquarters.

The construction division of Aycliffe-based Raisco worked on Sutton Tankers’ 82,800 sq ft lorry park project.

The land, owned by Stiller Warehousing and Distribution, has almost doubled Suttons’ hard standing area for its 250-strong fleet of lorries.

Work began on 20 June and was completed by the end of September.

Suttons Tankers is part of the Suttons Group, a multinational haulage and logistics group which has sites in the UK, Germany and Belgium, among other locations.

Darren Mathieson, operations manager at Suttons Tankers, said: “This is a major development for Suttons which is going to benefit us hugely going forward.

“This is the biggest site within the Suttons group, which has 250 tankers going in and out of our depot on a daily basis, so to have all this extra space is going to make improve our operations and hopefully make us more efficient.”

Dene Gregory, construction manager at Raisco, added: “The new site will vastly improve congestion currently experienced on the current site at Sutton Tankers while vastly increasing on-site parking and storage capacity.

“While we handle major steel contracts the length and breadth of Great Britain, our construction division continues to grow and we were delighted to work with two local firms on a project which will enable Sutton Tankers to expand its Teesside operations in the future.”

Paul Stiller, managing director of Stiller Warehousing and Distribution, believes the project was an “important investment”.

“The site is in a prime location on Preston Farm industrial estate and we’re always looking for ways to improve the standards and safety standards of all our properties,” he added.

“This is a fine example of two Aycliffe companies coming together on a project and doing a great job for our clients.”

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