Norbert Dentressangle Invests In Tanker Tracking Technology

Norbert Dentressangle Invests In Tanker Tracking Technology

Norbert Dentressangle Invests In Tanker Tracking Technology

Norbert Dentressangle is investing in an advanced Isotrak vehicle tracking and driving style management solution for its UK tanker distribution operations to ensure its reputation for safe deliveries is maintained.

The investment will help drive and support Norbert Dentressangle’s in-house health and safety, and performance improvement programmes, which are essential for vehicles transporting High Consequence Dangerous Goods. The tracking system is already in use with other Norbert Dentressangle UK businesses and has proved highly beneficial.

The company will utilise vehicle tracking and live vehicle diagnostics to track and manage its entire fleet, which carries liquid chemicals, bulk gas, packed cylinder and dry bulk powders.

With 120 vehicles already utilising the system at Norbert Dentressangle Tankers operate on behalf of a major customer, the new rollout will extend the total number of vehicles monitored to 260, operating from 31 different sites across the UK and delivering products for a range of multinational companies.

“The ability to track our fleet accurately and manage safe driving styles is a key reason for investing in the advanced solution. The system is based on standard Isotrak vehicle tracking with the contactless CANBus module; this will show us how vehicles are being driven so that we can monitor such things as harsh braking and acceleration. The driving style management functionality will be adapted to suit our needs and the automated reporting and its output will be tailored too,” says Danny Woodiwiss, General Manager for Fuel and Chemical Operations at Norbert Dentressangle Tankers.

“As part of the Norbert Dentressangle Safe Driving Programme, all of our drivers receive an annual on-road assessment by a qualified driver trainer. The tracking system will support the programme, helping to pinpoint specific coaching needs to maximise performance of our drivers and fleet. We’ll have accurate data that we can use to develop and prescribe training to suit each driver.”

The system was selected following a rigorous procurement process and installation is already underway, with Norbert Dentressangle Tankers phasing in go-live around its daily business beginning January 2014.

The company runs a specialist tanker fleet for distributing fuel, solid and liquid chemicals, gases, plastics and foodstuffs and has more than 35-years experience of working with the world’s leading chemical companies.

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