Vehicle Graphics Is a Key Marketing Tool

Vehicle Graphics Is a Key Marketing Tool

A key weapon in a marketeer’s toolbox in delivering messages to a target audience that has not been overtaken by the digital age is vehicle graphics. That’s the view of Barnaby Smith, managing director of Oxfordshire-based fleet graphics and branding specialist Mediafleet, who says vehicle graphics provide three essential marketing services.

The three essential marketing services include: Visibility, with industry research suggesting that more than 3,000 people per hour see a branded vehicle operating in a busy area thus raising consumer awareness; Credibility, as numerous concerns around spurious internet information and fake news, vehicle graphics are perceived as a reliable source of information from credible organisations; and Audience targeting, for the generations prior to the millennials, it’s probably one of the most effective ways of reaching them together with other traditional media such as TV, radio and magazines/newspapers.

“All generations take some comfort from seeing traditional adverts, which is why the clever marketeer will use all promotional tools in their toolbox including vehicle branding,” said Mr Smith.

Tips for achieving good vehicle graphics are: Use high resolution images; Bold colours and designs will help a vehicle stand out; Restrict the amount of text used and use clear fonts; Avoid complex educational messages as they will not be understood as vehicles ‘whizz by’ pedestrians; and Use a ‘call to action’ if appropriate.

“Technology moves on at a pace. That’s why static roadside billboards have become digital billboards and hand-painted vehicle graphics have been replaced by complex vinyl wraps and even spray on vinyl,” said Barnaby Smith.

“Digital media is today commonplace, but it is not a replacement technology. It is just a new, and additional tool, in a marketer’s toolbox. Used correctly all tools, including vehicle graphics, have a part to play in delivering a company’s brand message to its target audience,” he concluded.

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