TyreSafe : Maximizing Safety of Scooter Commuters

TyreSafe : Maximizing Safety of Scooter Commuters

TyreSafe is a UK based charity dedicated to maximizing the safety of scooter commuters by reminding people to carry out regular Tyre checks and pointing out the dangers of defective and illegal tyres.

The usage of mopeds and scooters has become more attractive over the recent years. The low running costs, great time saving and ease of commuting to work, school or university has increased the number of scooters on the UK streets, especially in urban areas, which also increases the need for tyre checks.

The problem is that many scooter commuters prioritize low running costs over an appropriate level of maintenance. This causes nearly 30% of MoT failures in this class of motorcycles, according to figures from the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency.

Stuart Jackson, the Chairman at TyreSafe, suggests that bike owners should check their bike at least once a week to ensure optimal safety and performance.

Karen Cole, the MCIA Safety and Training Director, prioritises the reduction of congestions in UK towns and cities and encourages more people to use motorcycles or scooters to bring huge benefits. For example, a rider can save on average four working days per year by being able to cut through traffic jams. If 10% of car drivers switched to scooters, congestion would be cut by 40%.

To ensure safety on the road and ease the maintenance process, TyreSafe has set up a checklist for scooter commuters which includes tips on the tyre tread depth, tyre pressure and tyre replacement in case of damage.

These checklists and other activities have helped TyreSafe to reduce the number of killed or seriously injured people each year in a tyre related accident by 31%. They were rewarded the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2009 in recognition of its effort and success in improving road safety in the UK.

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