Pilot for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

Pilot for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

The Waste Disposal company O’Donovan has been invited to attend the Pilot for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, or FORS, Practitioner Recertification workshop. As one of the leading construction and demolition waste management companies in London, O’Donovan has been invited to attend the workshop.

The FORS Practitioner qualifications is optional for the companies that work within FORS-accredited operators. This is a certificate that is held by the Managing Director of O’Donovan Waste, Jaqueline O’Donovan and also by Richard Clarke, the Commercial Director.

The first qualifications for the FORS accreditation were handed out in 2012. The accredited FORS practitioners are certified for five years. To gain the FORS Practitioner status individuals are expected to attend nine workshops. The announcement of the FORS Practitioner Recertification is in order to provide an alternative for the individuals who want to renew their certification without them having to attend all nine workshops again.

For all those individuals whose accreditation will expire in 2017, FORS has sent out notifications offering this new Practitioner Recertification workshops. O’Donovan waste management is one of those who have been invited to renew their practitioner status. The workshops that are coming up soon are set to be in June and September.

The individuals that gain the FORS Practitioner accreditation, they are knowledgeable about all aspects of fleet management. This includes ensuring the practitioners know about managing work related road safety as well as safe and efficient fleet management, reducing fuel use and minimizing fines and charges to their fleets.

O’Donovan Waste Management has been a FORS Gold operator for six years because of their solid record and focus on road safety. The Waste Management team has a turnover of more than £19 million and has a fleet of 90 HGV’s operating.

The pilot event will be taking place in London this month and is taking place in order to prepare for the Recertification workshop. The intention behind this one-day workshop is to offer the opportunity to refresh their knowledge as well as updating the practitioners on any changes to the FORS Standard.

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