New service vans in operation for Tructyre

New service vans in operation for Tructyre

As part of a continuing investment programme, as well as a desire to meet ongoing demand, Tructyre will be inducting 80 new truck service vans to their fleet. Each in bright yellow livery, the new Mercedes Sprinters will support Tructyre’s HGV and PSV tyre technicians to de-risk the fleets of truck, bus, and coach operators in Great Britain.

“In common with other firms, it’s been a real challenge to source the new vehicles; our experience with Bell Truck and Van in Newcastle and Onboard Power in Wakefield was seamless. Bell Truck and Van will supply the first 23 Mercedes vans to our fleet imminently,” said Scott Matthews, Tructyre’s Head of Fleet.

As a 100% mobile tyre service provider, Tructyre operates more than 350 commercial tyre fitting vans, and these new vehicles will soon be distributed across the country. Regarding what is going to happen with the older fleet, Scott explained that the older blue vans will be steadily withdrawn from service as the fleet transitions.

Tructyre is part of the wider Michelin Group and Euromaster family and it is the only national, single-owned commercial tyre management company that fully operates across the country, providing specialist tyre services to Britain’s trucks, trailers, buses and coaches.

Tructyre employs almost 600 people and has warehouses, stocking points and depots across Britain, ensuring that its technicians are well placed to get to customers quickly. With a core commitment to maximise vehicle uptime and improve fleet performance, Tructyre de-risks Britain’s fleets by providing pro-active tyre maintenance to ensure tyres are legal, safe and efficient, supplying new and retreaded tyres, and providing rapid roadside support, 24/7/365.

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