W&SC Jobson: Interview with Steve Jobson

W&SC Jobson: Interview with Steve Jobson

W&SC Jobson  – Fast, Effective and Conscientious Recovery

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Despite decades of innovation and development, vehicles break down and, when they do, it can be both an inconvenience and an anxiety-provoking experience for drivers. With the potential to cause further accidents as well as, representing financial losses to businesses in itself, speed and quality of vehicle recovery is paramount, as is the speed at which vehicle can be back on the road. An effective vehicle recovery service, and one which includes servicing and repair work is therefore quite the attractive asset for private and commercial clients alike.

Founded as a family-run firm in 1965, and going from strength to strength since relocating to bigger premises in 1982, W&SC Jobson boasts a strong reputation in both the repair and recovery sectors. With well-established services in light, heavy and off-road recovery, as well as all aspects of repair and maintenance, the company is a one-stop-shop in recovery and servicing for anything from cars to commercial vehicles and even including PSVs.

It must be highlighted that companies adept in both repair and recovery are increasingly rare within today’s marketplace. As Director of W&SC Jobson, Steven Jobson points out, “For garages and workshops to run recovery vehicles is incredibly expensive and not necessarily cost-effective. Likewise, for recovery and rescue firms, repair and servicing capabilities are surplus to requirement.”

With strong expertise and capabilities in both areas, W&SC Jobson is able to to extend clients’ portfolio of services whilst de-risking the process of diversification. Thus the firm works with a number of local garages, providing recovery services and, likewise, partners with several haulage companies, supplying servicing and repair work. In addition, numerous commercial firms in the Bolton region enjoy the end-to-end service W&SC Jobson is able to offer.

In order to best serve the variety of customers that it services, the firm has elected to invest in a highly diverse fleet of vehicles, comprising anything from a 7t flat-bed, 15t chassis Renault to a 6-wheel drive, ex-army vehicle fitted with cranes and winches. The company also makes use of off-road 4x4s, 7.5t vans, and a low-loader trailer capable of carrying up to 44t. It’s been a conscious choice to procure a diverse vehicle range, as Steve Jobson outlines: “Because we recover such a wide variety of vehicles and in such a range of situations, having a mixed fleet allows us to meet whatever our customers’ throw at us. We can repair and recovery any vehicle, any time and any place.”

W&SC Jobson’s assorted fleet, in addition, enables it to mobilise recovery vehicles more efficiently. Where, typically, an 8-wheel recovery truck would used across the board – whether the customer has a 15t truck or a small private car – the firm is able to despatch vehicles according to each client’s individual requirements. Exerting keen emphasis on not just providing what’s suitable but what’s exceptional in the way of service, W&SC Jobson’s has also fitted each vehicle with intelligent tracking software. With the ability to pinpoint the location of vehicles at any given moment, the company is thus able to provide customers an accurate estimated arrival time – alleviating anxiety during what can be a stressful time for drivers.

Should a customer require recovery services from beyond W&SC Jobson’s geographic reach, the company is able to draw on the capabilities of fellow members of both the Road Rescue Recovery Association (R.R.R.A) and the Association of Vehicle Recovery Operators (AVRO), preventing clients from unnecessary hassle or delays.

With such a raft of services, range of clients, and variety of vehicles, one might expect the firm’s headcount to be proportionately large. Determined to retain the family ethics on which it was founded however, W&SC Jobson currently employs just two members of staff from outside the Jobson family and prides itself on having a close-knit team of highly-trained and highly-experienced operatives. All drivers have undertaken training with the R.R.R.A and, more than that, they possess a wealth of experience on the job with at least 30 years’ experience each. Despite considerable on-the-job proficiency, Steve Jobson is keen to stress that that doesn’t read complacency; rather, the team each display an awareness of their responsibilities and take both accountability and pride in the job.

With a wealth of experience in the industry, W&SC Jobson continues to exhibit an acute understanding of both what customers need today and what they might need tomorrow. Thus the company maintains a proactive approach to business, even investigating the potential of relocating to new premises most recently in order to better serve its clients. Despite plans to move however, W&SC Jobson is keen to remain at the heart of Bolton and will undoubtedly stay true to being small enough to care and large enough to cope.

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