Bibby Distribution Secures Autoglass Contract

Bibby Distribution Secures Autoglass Contract

Due to its 24/7 service and formidable reputation for reliability, Bibby Distribution has secured a new contract with Autoglass, the vehicle glass repair and replacement market leader, and its wholesale division, Laddaw. The company’s mission will be to work through the night, transporting products from one of Europe’s largest glass distribution centres in Bardon, Leicestershire, to sites of Autoglass and Laddaw nationwide before 7am.

By making sure that all products are delivered overnight, Bibby enables the vehicle glass specialists to focus on customer service, rather than processing and handling deliveries. Transporting during the night also helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with the supply chain, thanks to vehicles travelling efficiently when the roads are less congested.

“The nature and volume of our business means we need to have full confidence our glass will be delivered safely and on time during the night to ensure we provide a great service to our customers,” said John Cooper, Head of Logistics at Autoglass and Laddaw. “The Bibby Distribution team shares our uncompromising standards and works around the clock to ensure our technicians have everything they need for the day ahead.”

All of Bibby’s trucks are equipped with demountable Moffett forklifts, meaning that deliveries can be safely unloaded during the night an unmanned sites where materials handling equipment may not always be available. Technicians can then quickly load up vans the nest morning, as the glass is already for them.

“Given Bibby Distribution’s experience with similar businesses in the manufacturing and automotive sectors, we know we’re in safe hands. Their flexibility in adapting vehicles has been a real benefit and the tailoring of their operations to the way we would like to work is showing a true collaborative approach to this new partnership,” added John Cooper.

In addition, Bibby Distribution has introduced a new lone worker system with access to a 24-hour call centre that can provide assistance in an emergency, in order in safeguard the welfare of its overnight drivers.

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