Alan R Jones & Sons adds DAF XG vehicles to fleet

Alan R Jones & Sons adds DAF XG vehicles to fleet

Alan R Jones & Sons, which was acquired by Fagan & Whalley in February this year, has boosted its fleet with two new DAF XG trucks. The move underlines the company’s plans to expand its services, following its purchase by Fagan & Whalley.

“With a broader vision to extend our operations across the wider UK network, these new-generation vehicles are a great investment into our future, as they make it easier for us to expand our customer base,” said Gareth Hall, Alan R Jones & Sons head of operations. Hall said the fuel efficiency of the vehicles was also a key deciding factor for the company, as energy and fuel costs continue to soar.

“The new XG DAF trucks set a new benchmark in transport efficiency with low vehicle weight, innovative aerodynamic design, PACCAR MX engines, TraXon automated transmissions, and DAF rear axles. The result is a 19% improvement in aerodynamic performance and a fuel efficiency gain of no less than 10%,” added Hall.

The company was also keen to ensure driver comfort which Hall said the company is always keen to improve. “Without our team, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today – and ensuring our colleagues are comfortable whilst at work is of utmost importance to us. We’re thrilled with the latest additions to our fleet, and look forward to further investments within the very near future,” Hall concluded.

The company currently operates a fleet of around 40 vehicles from its distribution depot in Newport, South Wales and has 40,000 sq ft of warehousing space.

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