S&J Transport Makes the Switch to BFGoodrich Tyres

S&J Transport Makes the Switch to BFGoodrich Tyres

S&J Transport, a family run bulk haulage firm, has switched to a 100% BFGoodrich tyre policy across its fleet of rigid and articulated tippers, replacing a practice of fitting budget tyres that used to cause frequent damage.

The intensive nature of the UK-based fleet’s work – each tipper covers between 100,000 and 120,000 km per year – involves long motorway journeys followed by collections and deliveries into quarries, construction sites and landfills. Common issues were sudden tyre failures and damage resulting in bulges on the sidewall, which couldn’t be repaired.

“After trialling some of the new BFGoodrich fitments we’ve found we’re getting far better uptime. It’s having a positive impact on our tyre expenditure, fleet efficiency and overall safety,” commented Brian Adams, who runs the workshop at Warwickshire-based S&J Transport.

S&J Transport has even removed the 295/80 R22.5 tyres which came as original equipment on its latest 19-reg Scania 8×4 tipper, electing to replace them with a set of 315/80 R22.5 BFGoodrich Cross Control tyres – designed for on/off road work in challenging conditions.

The S&J Transport fleet includes 28 rigids and four artics which are used exclusively for tipper operations – carrying predominantly aggregates and clay, plus occasional muck-shifting work.

The BFGoodrich commercial vehicle tyre range was launched into UK and Irish markets in January 2018, and is available across a European network of more than 3,000 professional dealers. The brand’s commercial vehicle range had previously only been available outside of Europe – selling an average 1.6 million bus, coach, truck and trailer tyres per year.

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