Michelin’s X Rugged Tyres Save Carnegie Fuels

Michelin’s X Rugged Tyres Save Carnegie Fuels

The Scottish oil distributor Carnegie Fuels has chosen Michelin’s X Works rugged tyre range to help them deliver to farms, industrial areas, and residential properties that can only be accessed on rocky off-road terrain.

After one of Michelin’s Technical Managers, Dan Lamb, visited the company, the owner Kevin Carnegie agreed to trial sets of Michelin X Works D drive axle tyres and XZY3 steer and tag axle fitments on two of his 13 delivery vehicles. Following the trial, a noticeable difference was spotted in the damage that was produced.

“We were getting a big problem with stone ingress. We got involved with Dan, who has now visited us a few times. He’s a really good technical guy and he’s worked very well with us to solve the problem – to the point where we’ve now got a set of Michelin tyres on a vehicle that have lasted longer than any other set we’ve used before,” explained Kevin.

Initially, he was scared to purchase the tyres because they looked a lot like construction tyres and his company is a distribution one. However, the Michelin range really impressed him. “We used to have real problems with stone damage. Water would get in and the rubber would start to peel. We used to get a lot of cuts. But with the Michelin X Works, we’re getting no stone ingression at all and virtually not a cut,” Kevin added.

Dan Lamb also ran a regrooving training course at the oil distributor’s site, making sure that it can extract the maximum performance from its new Michelin X Works tyres. They are covered by Michelin’s accidental damage guarantee, providing protection against the financial cost of accidental damage and reinforcing the benefits of investing in premium Michelin products.

“Not only has the fitment of the X Works improved Carnegie’s tyre costs as they can utilise the full life of the tyre, but the regrooving will extend each tyre’s life in its most fuel efficient state, meaning the potential for savings at the pumps,” concluded Lamb.

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