Heavy Haulage Australia Couldn't Pay

Heavy Haulage Australia Couldn't Pay

The transport heavyweights Heavy Haulage Australia (HHA), who reached peak fame in the mega show MegaTruckers, have recently admitted that it placed orders for a fleet of vehicles is was unable to purchase before going bankrupt. The failure to pay for the orders placed resulted In trouble for companies such as Mack, the company held by Volvo.

The HHA boss has also spoken out about threats to himself and the company, the Brisbane-based HHA added that this has caused a number of issues for the company as they started their descent into liquidation. The collapse of the company in June 2015 resulted in a massive fall of revenue due to a lack of resources and ‘a culture of indulgence’.

The source who spoke to the press stated that the payment problems were caused by miscommunications between HHA and its equity partner MCAleese despite both having dealt with the manufacturers directly.

In 2012, the HHA starred in Megatruckers , the managing director as the time stated that they had invested heavily into the looks of the company trucks. The company seemed to spend far more than it had secured finance to do, the cash reserves did not cover the expenditure that the company spent.

In 2014, the company announced a deal with Mack for 40 trucks for two years. Jon Kelly marked the occasion by purchasing a range of new items in celebration.  The creditor report also indicated that before November 2014 the company had entered into commitments with as many as seven manufacturers to purchase $13 million in stocks of 55 fleet vehicles.

Ultimately the HHA found itself unable to meet the terms of the agreement and could not honor the orders with the respective manaufacturers prior to the creditors intervention for settlement.

The company as it stands owes Volvo an estimated $3.9 million and $5.5 million to Western Star.

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