Collett Delivers Turbine & Generator Rookery Facility

Collett Delivers Turbine & Generator Rookery Facility

Collett & Sons delivered a 160 Tonne Turbine and a 120 Tonne Generator from the Port of Tilbury to the Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) in Stewartby, Bedfordshire. Preparation for the 78-mile journey began in December 2019, when Collett, in association with the project partner Karl Gross GmbH, took management over the UK leg of the project.

The initial feasibility of the movement was immediately assessed, ensuring it was possible to transport the turbine from port to site in a fully constructed form. This in turn, assisted the manufacturer in the turbine production schedule and reduced the on-site build time.

With the largest item, being the turbine, measuring 8.9m (L) x 5.3m (W) x 4.8m (H), and weighing 160 Tonnes, Collett undertook analysis of various under/over-ground services and structures. The biggest challenge being to keep the loaded height below 4.95m high, to allow movement along the network and motorway system.

Collett initially proposed various routes, using laser scanning technology to accurately measure the distance from the road surface to the overhead structures along the routes. Following the visual and technical checks, Collett established a definitive route utilising the specialist Girder Bridge trailer and began further stakeholder engagement.

This culminated with route enabling works performed by M25 Connect, Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedfordshire Borough Council, with their assistance and operations allowing the 7.2m wide vehicle to negotiate the road space successfully.

Prior to delivery, Collett worked closely with the Port of Tilbury, carefully planning the cargo discharge including crane lift plans and an agreed programme of works for all discharge operations. Additionally, to permit departure from the Port’s exit, Collett identified several street furniture removal requirements to allow for the safe passage of the 70m long Scheuerle 550 girder bridge.

On arrival at the Port, both the turbine and generator were discharged from the vessel directly on to the specialist girder bridge trailer and secondary modular platform trailer. Within 24 hours of unloading the cargo, both payloads were on route to site. 

All movements were facilitated by the Essex Police, ensuring prior warning and protection of all other road users, limiting the road-traffic congestion and ensuring extensive public safety. Upon delivery to the Rookery Site, the turbine and generator were removed from their respective trailers and underwent final installation. 

The Rookery ERF is scheduled to become operational in 2022 and has the capacity to sustainably dispose 545,000 tonnes of residual waste. In turn, the facility will generate over 60 megawatts low carbon electricity of each year, enough power to meet the need of over 122,500 homes.

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