Zeus Labs Drive Positive Change in UK’s Haulage Industry

Zeus Labs Drive Positive Change in UK’s Haulage Industry

The freight and haulage industry’s double inefficiencies of wasted trips and unused capacity could soon be eliminated, following the launch of Zeus Labs’ (ZL) evolutionary new freight booking and management software solution.

Zeus Labs’ open Marketplace allows shippers and hauliers to find new potential partners while at the same time alternatively connects them with the people that they trust, adding them to their bespoke operational communities called Circles. All the contacts and capabilities that shippers and hauliers need to drive efficiency and profitability in one straightforward and secure place.

Zeus’ Circles involve only those hauliers that are most suited to the job, whether in terms of cost or specialist equipment. Alternatively, open up a job to the public Marketplace and let Zeus’ advanced algorithms and manual curation helps a company book shipping efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Marketplace takes care of every aspect of the shipping process, from finding a haulier, agreeing the job, tracking the delivery and finally paying the haulier via Zeus Labs own ‘InstaPay’ Service. Through the Zeus Labs mobile app, a driver is able to upload Proof of Delivery notes (PODs) for a specific job instantly after completing it, in turn, allowing shippers to see that the job has been completed and invoicing and paying customers.

Commenting on the launch Jai Kanwar, joint CEO said, “From the very outset of Zeus Labs’ inception, we have been driven by two priorities, simplicity and flexibility, and we aim to be the catalyst for positive transformation in the sector. In the past six months we have talked and listened to some of the biggest freight companies in the UK and we are now ready to make digital integration the right option for shippers and hauliers. Though the UK market has a few differences, the region is a great opportunity for Zeus Labs to prove that the future of freight management lies with a combination of digital transformation applications and traditional proven methods.”

“The European haulage and freight sector is built on a network of established relationships and trusted professional partnerships. We are confident that ZL’s new management solution will further strengthen those relationships and partnerships because of the transparency and clarity it offers. For example, our mobile app for hauliers means that POD’s can be uploaded instantly, and live GPS tracking increases visibility. Furthermore, we pay hauliers instantly through our ‘InstaPay’ service, which takes care of any payment issues for them. A simple, fuss free way to work. We are excited about the potential to drive tangible and positive transformation across the freight and haulage supply chain,” concluded Jai.

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