Freight Operator Wins FTA Special Recognition Award

Freight Operator Wins FTA Special Recognition Award

FTA, the voice of the UK logistics sector, has named the world’s best-known logistics operator as the recipient of an FTA Special Recognition Award, in acknowledgement of the organisation’s promotion of excellence in freight management and distribution.

Delivering one million tonnes of presents to 1.6 billion homes in a 24-hour period, The Claus Group relies on a highly-skilled elf workforce and intricate supply-chain operation to ensure its goods are delivered “just in time”. The operation is headed up by Father Christmas, with Papa Elf as his Executive Assistant.

Rona Hunnisett, Chief Merrymaker at FTA, comments: “Father Christmas runs a massive international supply-chain operation; his understanding of complex freight management and distribution processes is unrivalled in this world. And despite several setbacks during his 1,720 years in operation – from being kidnapped the night before Christmas to serving jail time on 34th Street – he has never once failed to deliver 100% of his freight on time. He is truly a leader in logistics.”

Father Christmas’ ability to source toys to order and ensure every single one is delivered to the correct customer from his hub in Lapland is without comparison. FTA estimates it would take more than 1,200 44 tonne HGVs, each of them travelling at 1,937 miles an hour, to deliver just one toy to each child in the UK. Father Christmas and his team of elves and reindeers achieve far more with just one sleigh.

Speaking from Claus Group headquarters in Lapland, Father Christmas chuckles: “Winning an FTA Special Recognition Award is a great honour, but we mustn’t forget the Claus Group is just one of many hundreds of logistics operators, whether on the road, in the air, on rail or water, working flat out to ensure everyone has a merry Christmas. As FTA’s 18,000 member organisations know, there is no room for disappointment on Christmas morning.  Every good boy and girl must receive the right present and a ho-, ho-, home full of delicious Christmas treats.”

Father Christmas was unable to attend the prestigious FTA Logistics Awards ceremony held earlier this year at London’s Park Plaza hotel due to an elf and safety issue. Just a few hours before the event, his daily walk-round sleigh check uncovered a fault with Rudolph’s shiny nose. However, FTA has decided that given his firm’s worldwide reputation and influence, Father Christmas should be named “Sleigh Operator of the Year”. This follows his ground-breaking work helping the Claus Group to become the first freight company to achieve “Sleigh Excellence” accreditation.

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