Tructyre Prevents Tyre Troubles Turning into Mission Failures

Tructyre Prevents Tyre Troubles Turning into Mission Failures

Tructyre prevents minor tyre troubles turning into major mission failures with an entirely mobile tyre service, covering Great Britain, with hundreds of well-trained and knowledgeable technicians. The service is designed, principally, for heavy commercial vehicles. 

Tructyre offers three key services: proactively maintaining tyres, reliably supplying tyres, and quickly coming to customers’ rescue – often at the roadside – in the event of a tyre mission failure.

At first glance, these three services seem to be related only by the heavy commercial vehicles in which Tructyre specialise – trucks, trailers, buses and coaches. But it goes deeper; in proactively maintaining tyres, reliably supplying the right tyres for the vehicle, and responding quickly to emergencies, Tructyre mitigates the tyre-related threats faced by Britain’s fleets.

Proactive maintenance is at the heart of Tructyre’s offer. It reduces the risk of failure in use and increases tyre life, extending time-on-vehicle and reducing the use of tyre casings. This helps operators to achieve the true mileage and cost-saving potential of their tyres.

For example:

  • Regrooving can yield up to 15% more mileage, sometimes even more, with no compromise to safety.
  • Retreading a tyre can save up to 60kg of carbon dioxide, 68 litres of oil, 30kg of rubber, and 20kg of steel compared with producing a new tyre.
  • Twinning and turning-on-rim, only when necessary, extends the service life of the tyre.

With many vehicle breakdowns in some way related to tyres, it’s fair to say that when we protect the tyres, we protect the fleet.

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