Trucks In Focus At Castle Combe Cycle Safety Day

Trucks In Focus At Castle Combe Cycle Safety Day


Trucks In Focus At Castle Combe Cycle Safety Day

Volvo dealer Truck and Bus Wales & West is working with Hills Quarry Products to make cycling safer. The potential dangers associated with cycling close to trucks is  under the spotlight as Hills Quarry Products introduces the Mineral Products Association’s (MPA) national Cycle Safe campaign at two cycling events in June.

The company’s vehicles are on show at the Castle Combe Cycling Festival on Sunday 2nd June and at Big Bike Week Show at Wharf Green, Swindon on Saturday 15th June.

Hills Quarry Products is showing two Volvo FMs that have been equipped by the Volvo dealership with near-side mounted sensors, and wide angle, rear view cameras located under the front indicators. A colour monitor in the cab provides the driver with a clear view of cyclists and pedestrians in the zones around the cab sides.

Both FMs on display at the cycling events have been specified by Hills Quarry Products with Volvo’s static cornering lights. These help the driver by panning round to illuminate the area around the front corners of the truck when the driver indicates.

Three new Volvo trucks on order have already been specified with the above cycle safety measures which will become standard equipment for Hills Quarry Products trucks in the future.

Alan Mackenzie, group director Hills Quarry Products, said: “We are supporting the MPA’s campaign which aims to prevent collisions between cyclists and Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs) by raising awareness on both side of how to cycle and drive as safely as possible.”

“Hills is committed to playing its part in minimizing hazards and risks for all road users,” added Alan Mackenzie: ”We look forward to meeting lots of Wiltshire’s cyclists over the next few weeks to promote a better understanding amongst road users on how to stay safe when cycling.”

The MPA’s Cycle Safe campaign highlights the potential risk of undertaking trucks and getting too close to them at left-hand turns and roundabouts. Cycle Safe leaflets which give practical tips on ways to prevent potential dangers will be handed out at both events.

Cyclists of all ages are being given the opportunity to sit in the cab of Hills Quarry Product’s Volvo FMs to understand the driver’s perspective, experience visibility issues and share their own road experiences. The danger of cycling on the nearside of a vehicle turning left will also be highlighted.

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