Transdek Launch New DUET Double Deck Trailers

Transdek Launch New DUET Double Deck Trailers

Transdek Launch New DUET Double Deck Trailers At CV Show

Transdek UK, the total solutions specialists for the double deck sector, is expanding its innovative DUET trailer range with the launch of two new models on stand 5C71 at the CV Show at the NEC Birmingham, 14-16 April 2015.

Making its debut, the DUET Wedge double deck box van is capable of transporting up to 52 pallets, 100% more load volume than a standard 13.6-metre single deck trailer. This allows vehicle operators to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 50%, offering significant cost savings and lower environmental footprint.  The patent applied chassis and body design features an ultra slimline fixed second deck construction and chassis neck depth to maximise internal load height on both decks. This enables a full deck run-through of pallets or rollcages up to 1,790mm in height.  Compared to a typical 13.6-metre stepframe double deck trailer, the Wedge trailer provides an additional eight pallet footprint spaces, or 18% extra load volume, offering the ultimate in rear-loading volumetric trunking.

The DUET Wedge will feature Transdek’s unique twin slide door arrangement, which has been specifically designed to support optimal double deck operations. The lightweight doors, which slide independently in vertical columns set into the rear frame, offer the combined benefits of both shutter and barn door types. As well as maximising internal load height, the doors are also opened after docking at the loading bay, avoiding the safety hazards of pre-opening in busy yards.

With only one deck open at a time, the Twin Slide doors also improve anti-theft security and thermal efficiencies for each deck.  With an overall height of 4,880mm to 5,000mm and a fifth wheel height of 1,250mm, the DUET Wedge is designed for compatibility with standard UK tractor units for ease of fleet integration.

Tony Sturgess, Head of Trailer Design at Transdek UK, commented: “Our innovative adaptation of the sloping chassis, or wedge, trailer has enabled us to manufacture a rear-loading double deck design that offers the potential to cut single deck delivery frequencies and operating costs by up to 50%.

“Despite the short term reduction in fuel prices, there is increasing pressure for logistics operators to improve efficiencies, particularly from retailers facing fierce competition, and reduce carbon emissions. Built to the highest engineering standards, the DUET provides exceptional reliability and cost effective freight delivery operations.”

Also on display will be Transdek’s Mark II DUET Urban double deck trailer, which enables high volume deliveries to city centres. This concept was developed to meet the growing retailer demand for greater transport efficiencies on last-mile deliveries to urban centres as consumer habits shift to convenience store shopping.

The DUET Urban Mark II will feature a specially adapted tail lift for unloading at the high street. As well as multi-temperature option, additional safety features, such as reversing cameras, and cycle-safety ultrasonic side and rear detection systems are available on the trailer.  Transdek’s range of DUET trailers can be configured to meet customer’s specific requirements and are fully compatible with Transdek’s double deck lifts, which facilitate fast and efficient loading and unloading at DCs and larger retail sites.

In addition to its DUET trailers, Transdek will exhibit a working model of its surface mounted 6.5-tonne double deck lift, which can be installed directly onto existing floor areas in as little as a day.  Transdek’s innovative range of DUET trailers and double deck lifts all have international patents granted or pending.


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