Transdek Demonstrates Innovative DUET Trailer At Quiet Cities

Transdek Demonstrates Innovative DUET Trailer At Quiet Cities

Duet Trailer

Transdek Demonstrates Innovative DUET Trailer At Quiet Cities

Transdek UK, the total solutions specialists for the double deck sector, is exhibiting its innovative Double Deck Urban Eco Trailer (DUET) at the Quiet Cities Global Summit, Twickenham Stadium, London, 25 – 26 November 2014.

On the back of increasing pressure to ease congestion in peak daytimes, particularly in major cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow, Quiet Cities is the first global summit focused on enabling quieter deliveries of freight in these type of busy urban environments.

As part of its innovative approach to developing solutions to meet industry concerns, Transdek is working on a multi-faceted approach to tackling noise related issues surrounding city centre deliveries.

To reduce the number of deliveries per store and general HGV traffic frequency, the company has developed its unique DUET trailer, which provides up to 100% greater load footprint when compared to an 18-tonne rigid truck, reducing the number of urban delivery vehicles by up to 50% per operation. As well as cutting general noise levels, this also offers the added benefits of halving fuel consumption and emissions.

Transdek’s in-house developed quiet tail-lift technology utilises a specialised ram configuration to deaden operating noise. Both the hydraulic ram and power pack are situated at the front of the trailer – optionally within an acoustic box – above the swan neck, away from the rear doors.

The DUET’s ‘twin slide’ doors have also been developed for optimal noise reduction, utilising ultra-quiet, low friction nylon slides and acoustic panels. In addition, Transdek offers specific noise reduction technology options, including PIEK*-certified floor surfacing, tail-lift platform, kick strips and reversing warnings.

For larger city centre stores, Transdek’s loading bay pods provide a sealed, sound-deadening continuum between delivery vehicles and the back-of-store. They also offer weather proofing and temperature control, which minimises stock spoilage.

Transdek will be showcasing the DUET trailer at the Quiet Cities outside exhibition area, which will provide the opportunity for live product demonstrations and will be supported by a presentation on the second day of the conference.

“We are delighted that Transdek has chosen to exhibit at the inaugural Quiet Cities global summit. Their DUET trailer will be a great addition to our live outside quiet equipment demonstration session,” said Laura Hailstone, Quiet Cities Project Manager.

Mark Adams, Managing Director at Transdek UK, added: “From a logistics and retailing perspective, out-of-hours deliveries make sound operational sense. Moving retail delivery activity out of peak periods removes HGVs from congested locations and can also assist local authorities in meeting their environmental and social targets, including reduced vehicle emissions and improvements in both local air quality and local road safety.

“As supermarkets continue to focus on the convenience store format, we believe our new DUET trailer offers a significant improvement to operational capability in city centres as it is designed specifically to carry high load volumes in urban areas.”

The latest Transdek innovation is part of the company’s overall drive to facilitate more efficient logistics operations by supporting the integration of high-cube, double deck trailers with a range of auxiliary technologies.

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