RHA Mobilises 2.1m Voters With ‘Pounds In Pockets’

RHA Mobilises 2.1m Voters With ‘Pounds In Pockets’

The RHA called upon the 2.1m voters working in the road haulage and logistics industry to seek out political candidates who will support a 3ppl cut in fuel duty and specific recommendations to save the economy £14bn in congestion related costs.

Launching its General Election 2015 Manifesto on the RHA stand at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “The UK’s economic recovery will rely on maintaining consumer confidence and boosting business output, keeping pounds in pockets. Today we are proposing 17 measures the next government should act upon to help achieve these aims.”

“The road haulage industry is an essential enabler of economic growth, employment and wealth creation. The UK economy can only grow and prosper if the public has pounds in its pockets. This means the next government must, at least, keep fuel duty frozen, invest towards achieving a congestion free, fit for purpose, roads network and crucially; to keep the supply chain moving by helping the industry to recruit and train sufficient numbers of drivers.”

“Everything we eat, drink and wear depends on haulage services. We would have no homes to live in, heat to warm them or jobs to go to without trucks, and the companies and drivers that operate them. The vehicles are seen every day – but less often understood.”

“Our manifesto aims to inform, educate and persuade all political candidates and relevant stakeholders about the critical decisions the next government must make to ensure this industry and the public can deliver the recovery,” said Richard Burnett.

In addition to fuel duty, roads, the dire shortage of HGV drivers, the RHA’s manifesto also proposes security, safety and environmental policies, which will secure the road haulage and logistics industry and benefit the wider economy.

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