Quality Freight Services Open New Sheffield Office

Quality Freight Services Open New Sheffield Office

Quality Freight Services has opened a new office in Sheffield as exports from the region continue to grow.

The freight forwarding company cited the ‘vibe’ of the area along with the strength of its exporting companies as the chief reasons for Quality Freight Services to open its new office there.

The firm has pledged £150,000 into an office at the Blades Enterprise Centre on John Street, with the managerial position to be fulfilled by Sonia Wilkinson.

Martin Johnson MBE, the company’s founder and managing director, says they also intend to invest another £200,000 later in 2016 along with the employment of a further five.

Mr Johnson set the company up in Shipley back in 1995 and across the firm’s offices in Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle employs 24.

He said that having been in the Yorkshire freight industry for 30 years he has seen several changes on his trips to the city.

Mr Johnson said that before the Meadowhall Centre opened in 1990, the route into the city was rather grimy with a range of large consignments for major steel organisations.

Whereas now, he says, the journey into the city past Meadowhall sees a number of modern sites such as a Porsche garage and shipments of bespoke items for metal and steel companies, resulting in a completely different vibe.

He added that this, along with the strength of companies they are associated with, has resulted in the decision to open a new office in Sheffield.

The ‘steady progress’ of QFS has been achieved thanks to its long term relationships with major overseas partners and agents, including Toyota and Diageo.

Ms Wilkinson said that the company always does more than is expected to make sure that all shipments from the Sheffield office will be handled seamlessly throughout the process.

QFS plays a role as a broker and deals with red tape for firms who send items to locations around the world.

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