Perfect Reliability Convinces Elliotts To Take Volvo

Perfect Reliability Convinces Elliotts To Take Volvo


Perfect Reliability Convinces Elliotts To Take Volvo

A long-term, profitable relationship with his local dealer and ‘almost perfect reliability’ of other Volvo eight-wheelers in the fleet were just two of the factors which convinced Nick Elliott, managing director of Elliotts (Cheltenham) Ltd., to invest in two new FM 8×4 tippers.

Supplied by Truck and Bus Wales & West Ltd., the two Volvo FMs feature the 11-litre engine rated at 410hp and the fully-automated Volvo I-Shift gearbox. Bodywork was supplied by Wilcox and tipping gear is Edbro single ram, front-mounted DX-16.

The latest Volvo tippers join a fleet of 18 other trucks ranging in weight from 12-tonnes to 32-tonnes gross. Elliotts (Cheltenham) Ltd sources sand, gravel and other aggregate products from its own quarries in addition to carrying out muck-away jobs.

“The two new Volvos will be employed hauling sand and gravel only,” explained Nick Elliott.

“For this reason we were able to specify a Wilcolite heavy-duty alloy body and were delighted to discover that the vehicles provide us with an excellent payload of 20.5-tonnes without needing to invest in light-weight aluminium wheels. This was a totally unexpected bonus,” he added.

The Volvo trucks in the fleet form the backbone of the operation according to Nick Elliott who expects better fuel figures and total reliability from the latest eight-wheelers. The vehicles will be serviced under contract at the Truck and Bus Wales & West workshops in Gloucester.

“Ours is a well-established family business with traditional values and a keen sense of value for money,” commented Nick Elliott, concluding, “In all respects the Volvo meets our expectations perfectly.”

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