Partnership With Masternaut Helps Glanbia CFI Secure New Customer

Partnership With Masternaut Helps Glanbia CFI Secure New Customer


Partnership With Masternaut Helps Glanbia CFI Secure New Customer

12th August 2013 – Glanbia Consumer Foods Ireland has won a new client as a result of showcasing its use of Masternaut’s telematics solutions. Glanbia secured the distribution of leading sports nutrition product, Optimum Nutrition. Glanbia is now responsible for the distribution of Optimum Nutrition products across the whole of Ireland, with all vehicles tracked by Masternaut.

The ability to demonstrate the level of detailed intelligence that Masternaut’s technology delivers Glanbia’s fleet managers played a large part in winning the business. The Glanbia sales team use the telematics solutions to access instant, real-time information about each vehicle within the organisation’s fleet – both from headquarters and on-the-go through the integrated smartphone application. Glanbia also uses the technology’s in-cab alerting functionality, allowing its fleet managers to instantly deploy drivers as pick-ups are flagged.

When it came to pitching for Optimum’s business, therefore, the efficiency of Glanbia’s fleet surpassed that of its competitors – with a backlog of detailed reports to support this claim. Glanbia was also able to evidence its ability to reduce unnecessary time spent on the road and vehicle idling, resulting in reduced delivery times and improved customer service, as well as its ability to monitor the safety of its drivers and the contents of their vehicles.

Denis Conway, Logistics Manager for Glanbia CFI said: “Glanbia CFI is delighted to have secured this new Warehousing and Distribution contact. Masternaut was certainly a key selling point during the tendering process and enabled Glanbia CFI to showcase one element of its best-in-class approach to supply chain management.“

Derek Ramsey, Optimum Nutrition Sales Manager for UK & Ireland said: “The Masternaut application used by Glanbia CFI was certainly a unique selling point. When we saw the capability and real-time visibility that Glanbia CFI had as a result of using the Masternaut system it gave us a great feeling of security around the control of our product once it has been dispatched. This, along with the customer geo-fencing, automated alerts and detailed customised reporting, was key to helping us choose Glanbia CFI as our new distribution partner in Ireland.”

Phil Barnes, Business Development Manager for Masternaut Ireland added: “By demonstrating its use of Masternaut’s solutions in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of its fleet, Glanbia was able to really set itself apart from competitors during the tender process. More and more companies are realising the value of the insight generated by telematics technology to drive down costs and provide that essential competitive edge.”

Glanbia’s fleet of vehicles travel throughout 36 counties in Ireland, serving over 2500 customers; it has been a Masternaut customer since 2010.


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