NR Evans reaps mpg bonus with Mercedes-Benz New Actros from Euro Commercials

NR Evans reaps mpg bonus with Mercedes-Benz New Actros from Euro Commercials

NR Evans, Cross Hands.

NR Evans reaps mpg bonus with Mercedes-Benz New Actros from Euro Commercials

The first seven Mercedes-Benz New Actros tractor units to join the fleet of NR Evans are already delivering mpg returns in the high nines – as a delighted Managing Director Neil Evans admits: “I thought it would take longer to achieve these fuel figures.”

Supplied by South Wales dealer Euro Commercials, all are New Actros 2542 models with state-of-the-art 420hp straight-six engines and wind-cheating StreamSpace cabs.

These are exciting times for NR Evans, one of the country’s top 10 temperature-controlled distribution specialists, which has also just invested £750,000 in a new chilled distribution warehouse and ATF MoT test centre for trucks. These developments at the company’s base in Crosshands, Carmarthenshire, have brought 30 new jobs to the area.

The New Actros represent extensions to the company’s fleet of 160 trucks, the majority of which are 44-tonne tractor units. They are now hard at work delivering foodstuffs, typically to the regional distribution centres of major supermarkets.

NR Evans operates from a network of six depots and annually delivers chilled product worth more than £1 billion on behalf of customers such as Dairy Crest, for which it maintains a dedicated warehouse, Tesco and Morrisons.

Mr Evans says: “As well as offering the reliability for which Mercedes-Benz is legendary, our New Actros look fantastic and the drivers like them too, particularly the layout of the dash, and the defined workspace and living area.

“It’s certainly impressing in terms of fuel economy. We tried a demonstration unit from Euro Commercials and that did well. But what’s surprised me is how little time it’s taken for our own trucks to hit the high nines.”

NR Evans gained its first experience of the Mercedes-Benz Actros in 2005. Like its last batch of 18 vehicles, which the operator has now been running for two years, the latest arrivals are fitted with Daimler FleetBoard telematics systems. As well as providing a comprehensive suite of management data on the vehicle itself, FleetBoard also analyses driver performance against criteria such as over revving, harsh braking, idling, speeding and ‘green band’ driving, and highlight areas in which improvements can be made.

“This information is provided in a simple and easily accessed format and has been invaluable in helping us to reduce fuel consumption,” continues Mr Evans. “Our drivers have embraced the FleetBoard system, and they’ve done so because they’re professionals who want to do the best possible job.”

He adds: “Our Mercedes-Benz trucks have always performed extremely well and the same is true of Euro Commercials. The dealer delivers on its promises, and works hard to support our business by providing the all-important servicing flexibility that we need.”

Mr Evans is an enthusiastic rugby supporter whose father Wynne Evans captained Llanelli and played for Wales in their 9-3 win over Australia in 1958 – so he was particularly pleased to welcome former Wales and British Lions legend Gareth Edwards, who is also a Euro Commercials shareholder, to his company’s headquarters when the New Actros were delivered.

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