Novadata’s Driver CPC Course Supports National Highways Campaign

Novadata’s Driver CPC Course Supports National Highways Campaign

Novadata’s newly launched Driver CPC course, Actions After an Accident or Breakdown, has been specially devised to promote increased safety for drivers, passengers and other road users following a breakdown or accident on the nation’s roads. By a happy coincidence it covers similar advice to that given in the national ‘Go Left’ campaign launched by National Highways (formerly Highways England) in March 2021.

The JAUPT approved course has been in development for some time, so Novadata were pleased to note that its content is entirely on message and fully supportive of principles laid out in the Go Left initiative.

The course examines with professional drivers in both the road haulage and passenger transport sectors the rules and guidance in the event of accident or breakdown contained in the Highway Code. It considers the actions to take in the event of a vehicle fire and helps drivers to understand how best to maximise personal safety. The course also tackles another hot topic, explaining the appropriate actions to take following a bridge strike, which is, statistically, a rising problem at the moment and high on the agenda of the UK Traffic Commissioners.

Driver CPC Actions After an Accident or Breakdown covers how to report and deal with first aid casualties. It particularly looks at first aid issues in the context of the roadside, in contrast to Novadata’s established and highly popular First Aid Actions in an Emergency Driver CPC course, which delivers a First Aid qualification for nominated First Aiders in the workplace; whether in the cab, office or workshop.

“There is much to be said about great minds thinking alike in this instance,” said Mark Lewin, Director, Novadata. “We devised this new Driver CPC course entirely independently, but were delighted to find that it coincided with this new National Highways initiative, which we obviously support wholeheartedly.”

“This kind of course, which delivers much that is common sense and much that is industry best practice, is extremely helpful and its content highly applicable. Even if you don’t need to complete 35 hours of Driver CPC for compliance purposes, this course, which focuses on the safety of the driver and any passengers or other road users, is ideal for anyone for whom driving is a regular part of their work role. National Highways reports that some 600 journeys end in a breakdown every day, so it is obviously important for any driver to know how best to maximise their safety and minimise their risks,” he added.

Novadata’s first Actions After an Accident or Breakdown Driver CPC course was immediately fully booked by regular clients, but further dates are being added to cope with the anticipated demand.

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