Norse Waste Solutions Installed Fleet Bin-Weighing Equipment

Norse Waste Solutions Installed Fleet Bin-Weighing Equipment

Norse Waste Solutions have installed bin-weighing equipment in their fleet around Norfolk. Since the installation of this equipment the company has managed to streamline their operations as well as save themselves money by figuring out with of their customers dispose of the most, or heaviest waste.

The General Manager of Norse Waste Solutions, Shaun Ferris has said that the accuracy that is provided by the weight information has been incredibly important and has allowed the company to easily and rapidly work out which customers offer overweight containers more frequently. This information allows the company to then review what is being thrown away by the company and support the company by helping them recycle more.

The company is also in a better position to work on a tonnage rate for the waste that they pick up. This means that companies will risk being charged more for their waste if they don’t cut down by recycling.

The Weighing solutions have been supplied to Norse by Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd who is a leading business in the UK market for on-board weighing, bin weighing and axle load protection systems. The company’s Enviroweigh VWS equipment is well known for being accurate and is perfect for those wanting to implement more effective recycle scheme as it allows the waste management company the ability to pick out excessive users.

Norse Waste Solutions also has a contract with the weighing solutions specialists that will cover Norse for their breakdowns and the annual calibration of the equipment in order to keep it running as efficient as possible.

The Pay by Weight service that has been offered by Norse Waste Solutions is seen as a unique selling point for the company, and setting them apart from the market, with customers who want to monitor the amount of waste that they produce and alter their operations appropriately. The customers of Norse also have access to regularly updated statistics and in the past the company been taking a hit from companies that were paying for an average weight of 70kg per container while actually disposing of around 400kgs of rubbish.

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