Maxi Haulage Partnership with Goodyear Total Mobility

Maxi Haulage Partnership with Goodyear Total Mobility

Goodyear is delighted to announce a three-year partnership with Maxi Haulage Ltd. As part of this deal, Maxi Haulage Ltd will be supplied with premium tyres from the KMAX GEN-2 range, and be supported by TruckForce, under the Goodyear Total Mobility offering.

Maxi Haulage is a leading provider of haulage, distribution and logistics services throughout the UK and Ireland, with over 45 years’ experience. Of the 160 trucks and nearly 700 trailers that it operates, 157 tractors and 672 trailers will be fitted with the Goodyear KMAX GEN-2 tyre range. These steer and drive tyres deliver premium mileage, enabling regional fleets, such as Maxi Haulage, to optimise tyre life and overcome challenging road conditions.

“We aim to always go the extra mile for our customers, delivering the products and services they require whilst continually meeting the highest standards of quality and safety. Goodyear’s tyres will allow us to deliver this value, while having the trusted support of TruckForce will help to bolster the efficiency of our services, keeping our fleet moving to implement practical logistics solutions,” commented Andy McGuire, General Manager at Maxi Haulage.

This range also benefits from low rolling resistance and optimised treadwear performance, both of which help to improve fuel efficiency. The KMAX-GEN 2 tyre range has 25% better all-weather capability, 15% more damage resistance and 5% higher fuel efficiency than its predecessor, all whilst maintaining its high mileage performance.

An additional benefit is that the tyres include radio frequency identification (RFID). An RFID tag is embedded inside the tyre to allow for simple identification and connectivity to tyre management and tracking systems. This increases efficient tyre management, whilst helping to prevent tyre theft.

To improve tyre recyclability, Maxi Haulage Ltd will also be using Goodyear Next Tread technology. This innovative retreading solution means that old tyres can be retreaded using the Goodyear MoldCure process, and returned as a new Next Tread product. Fleets are aware of their tyre’s whole life history, helping them to get the most from the fleet’s tyres and also to reduce their CO2 emissions per km.

As well as tyre supply, Maxi Haulage Ltd will benefit from Goodyear’s national commercial vehicle support network, TruckForce. TruckForce technicians carry out thorough onsite tyre checks every quarter, and are on hand 24/7 to provide roadside assistance and reactive tyre maintenance through Service Line 24hr. As a network, it specialises in the complete lifecycle management of commercial truck tyres, from preventive maintenance and tyre replacement, to regrooving and retreading.

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