Euro 6 Gas Vehicles & Benefits Of ‘Running On Gas’

Euro 6 Gas Vehicles & Benefits Of ‘Running On Gas’

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Latest Euro 6 Gas-Powered Vehicles And Benefits Of ‘Running On Gas’ To Be Displayed By Gasrec / DIESELGAS At Commercial Vehicle Show 2015

The very latest Euro 6 natural gas-powered vehicles along with the exceptional commercial and environmental benefits of ‘running on gas’ will be displayed on the Gasrec / DIESELGAS stand at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show, which takes place from 14–16 April at the NEC Birmingham.

With the growth in popularity of both liquid and compressed natural gas as vehicle fuels and the increasingly strategic infrastructure supplying them across the UK road network, Gasrec’s ‘running on gas’ stand will be an essential visit for retail and logistics companies planning future fleet investments.

“For many years, it has been apparent that natural gas is what fleet operators should be running their vehicles on from both a commercial and environmental perspective, but there have always been a seemingly insurmountable number of barriers in the way of making this a reality,” explains Ben Sawford, chief commercial operator of Gasrec.

“Today the situation is very different and changing fast – gas fuel is now widely available, there are numerous gas powered vehicle options to choose from and an ever-growing fleet of vehicles across the UK run on gas. All the critical factors are now in place to ensure that retail and logistics operators can invest in gas with absolute confidence around the benefits it will bring to their operations.”

Gasrec is Europe’s largest supplier of low emission Liquefied Natural Gas in Europe, fuelling over 60% of gas powered HGVs on UK roads from 11 strategically located filling stations. The company pioneered the development of low emission bio-LNG (liquefied landfill biomethane and LNG) for transport and it continues to work collaboratively with every element of the NGV supply chain to encourage new users and ensure gas fuel is widely available.

Throughout the show, Gasrec’s specialists will be on hand to advise fleet operators on the logistical, technical, environmental and commercial benefits of introducing gas to their fleets. Also available will be details of the UK’s growing strategic refuelling infrastructure and the integrated supply chain that supports this network.

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