International launch Puts Trailer Firm Out In Front

International launch Puts Trailer Firm Out In Front


International launch Puts Trailer Firm Out In Front

The top trailer maker in Europe has unveiled three new flagship products at an international launch.

Ifor Williams hosted 150 distributors from across the UK and 20 different countries around the world for the event at the company’s headquarters in Cynwyd, in Denbighshire.

The firm showcased their first ever horsebox with living accommodation and a large, 24ft long livestock trailer that has a detachable container so it can also be used as flatbed trailer.  The third major launch involved a completely new concept for the trailer specialists.

The firm has designed an innovative mobile unit called business inabox  for businesses that need to be able to set up shop in different places.  The trio of products represent three new areas of business for Ifor Williams Trailers which required new engineering skills and investment in new machinery.  They have all undergone a tough testing regime which included being put through their paces at the Warwickshire track used by all the main automotive companies.

According to Senior Design Engineer Bryn  Davies, the contemporary lines of the Eventa horsebox were inspired by the curves of smartphones, printers and computers. The living accommodation at the front can be kitted out like a two-berth caravan with seating for three people.  It can also have a table, a sink, a cooking hob and optional grill, a fridge and a flat screen 12 volt television with a DVD player. The larger of the two models also has an en-suite toilet.  The same living accommodation options are also available in the business inabox trailer, making it a mobile home as well as a portable enterprise.

Ken Skates, Clwyd South AM and also Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology, was impressed.

He said: “I was wowed when I came in today and stunned by the innovation which was immediately obvious as soon as I saw the trailers. Their design is up to the moment and eye catching. It is quite clear a considerable amount of research, development and planning has gone into the launch of today’s innovative and highly technical new products.

“It’s fantastic to see Ifor Williams Trailers investing in new skills, designs and up-to-date techniques. As a market leader it is important to always be able to identify emerging markets  and this is precisely what Ifor Williams Trailers has done in their development of these fantastic new trailers. As one of the most recognised brands we have in Wales, IWT is ensuring that its offering to a global customer base continues to grow and meet new demands and customers. That’s good for Wales and the skilled people who work in the company.”

Regional AM Llyr Gruffydd, who lives just seven miles from the head office site and whose father-in law is a long standing IWT customer.”

“This launch showcases the innovation, level of expertise and high quality design which we have at the heart of rural Wales. IWT shows that a company can be a world recognised business, continually evolving and on the cutting edge of design but still be based in Denbighshire and it sends a clear message out to what can be achieved. Today’s launch shows the ambition of the company and it makes a bold statement about its future which is very reassuring to see especially from the point of view of its position as a major employer for our communities. It is uplifting to see the company clearly going from strength to strength and holding such a prominent position within the market.”

Councillor Hugh Evans, Leader of Denbighshire County Council, said: “I think it is fantastic that a local business with such presence in the area is being promoted on such a high level and international basis. We are very proud of IWT in Denbighshire and want to help them reach their vision. It is that vision which means they will move forward for the next generation of customers and that is what I am quite excited by today. It’s quite unique to have a large company with such skill in such a small, rural community and we are so pleased that IWT  continues to grow and develop the business here with us in Denbighshire because it is of tremendous benefit to the area.”

Designer Bryn Davies added: “Designing a horsebox with living accommodation has been something of a departure but this is something we have done by popular demand – this is something our customers have been wanting us to do for quite a while. It’s basically half caravan, half horsebox. We’ve used high-quality lightweight materials in the living accommodation and everything is to caravan standard. It has been designed with comfort in mind. We have come up with the optimum weight distribution to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for both the horses and the human occupants.

“To the right of the entrance door we’ve got a tack compartment which can store two saddles. The medium sized Eventa can carry two horses while the longer length of the bigger horsebox means it can accommodate three ponies. In all there are more than a thousand different components in the new trailer. It’s more complex than usual because of the two different elements – essentially it’s two trailers in one.

“The launch is very exciting because it marks the culmination of so much work and I am glad the response to the design has been so positive. The styling of the Eventa is similar to our market-leading horsebox which was itself a major departure when it was launched in 2008. Once again we have applied the standards of top car manufacturers in building the horsebox with flowing lines. If you look at the side view it resembles an Ifor Williams Trailers logo. In addition to the good looks, the strength and quality of the horsebox has been paramount – a philosophy that’s always been a hallmark of the company.”

Also making its public debut was the heavy livestock trailer, called the StockMaster. At 24ft long and eight feet wide, it’s the biggest trailer ever built by Ifor Williams Trailers and the brainchild of Senior Designer Bob Davis.

Bob said: “We needed to ensure that farmers get maximum use out of the HLT so we have devised a means of removing the container element easily so it can be used as a flatbed trailer too. Right from the outset, a good and easy to use  demount system was essential and that’s what we’ve come up with. You can demount the trailer and leave it standing on its legs and drive the flatbed away. Converting the StockMaster into a flatbed can be done by one person working on their own – so basically you get two trailers for the price of one.

“There are also some ground-breaking things going on under the chassis. Air suspension is great in terms of stability on the highway but is no good when you’re travelling on bumpy farm tracks. We’ve used mechanical spring leaf suspension – a greatly beefed up version of what we have used so successfully on our livestock trailers for many years.

“We think it’s a big step forward in farm trailers  and there are other features on the trailer of which we are proud. The StockMaster has gone through an extremely rigorous testing regime and come out the other end with flying colours.”

The company has also has high hopes for the business inabox which can also have living accommodation.

According to Ifor Williams Trailers, the possibilities are limitless for any business that needs to be able to trade in different places without the need to tow a caravan or pay for accommodation.

Senior Designer Steve Aston explained: “We also have  the technology to turn the business inabox trailer into a mobile billboard by wrapping the outer surface with a large vinyl sheet with an advertisement or the company’s own livery. One businesswoman who sells high end outdoor clothing at shows and different events has already placed an order. Equally, it could be used as a mobile barbershop or be used by go karting or mountain bike teams who need to stay overnight at different venues.”

Also being launched was a small trailer designed to transport off road ATV and RTVs. They were developed by popular demand from customers and were given the thumbs up by the distributors.

Managing Director John Williams said: “This is a very important day for Ifor Williams Trailers and we were delighted to welcome so many people from far and near to share our good news. These products are the result of a great deal of hard work and innovation from our talented team and I am delighted they have received such a positive response from our distributors who can’t wait to start selling them.”

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