HGV Parking and Driver Welfare Grant Scheme

HGV Parking and Driver Welfare Grant Scheme

HGV drivers will now benefit from improved roadside facilities as part of the Governments continued action with the industry to increase driver welfare and improve working conditions by supporting safer rest areas. The initiative forms part of the Government’s actions to address the shortage of HGV drivers and boost recruitment and retention.

Operators can apply for funding if you operate HGV driver facilities at:

  1. Independent truck stops
  2. Motorway service areas
  3. Trunk road service areas
  4. Local authority truck stops

Sites must be located on, or near to, the strategic road network in England. It is important to note that applications must be submitted to the DfT by Monday 20th November 2023.

The Scheme provides funding to support industry operators to improve HGV facilities. The facilities include areas such as:

  1. Driver welfare facilities (incl. shower areas, toilets)
  2. HGV parking capacity (increasing spaces, reconfigured layouts)
  3. Decarbonisation (incl. electric HGV charging infrastructure)
  4. Security for drivers (incl. CCTV, secure fencing etc)

The proposal must apply to an existing HGV parking and driver welfare facility with a minimum of 2 years of trading history. You must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 2 years trading history as an HGV parking and welfare facility.

You are able to apply for up to £315,000 per site and the Department for Transport will match fund up to 50% of the capital cost of an improvement project.

Applications for funding can be challenging so if you require assistance or have any questions regarding the scheme, then please contact our commercial litigation team on 01254 828 300.

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