Henderson Group Upgrades Its Refrigerated Fleet

Henderson Group Upgrades Its Refrigerated Fleet

The owner of the SPAR, EUROSPAR, VIVO, VIVOXTRA, and Vivo Essentials franchises in Northern Ireland, Henderson Group, has decided to upgrade its refrigerated fleet with Thermo King’s SLXi units. The new units will help them deliver the products to the retailers more efficiently due to the telematics and communication capabilities, enhanced temperature management options, and lower fuel consumption.

“Thermo King is SPAR International’s preferred supplier and thanks to our complete portfolio of products for all refrigerated transport applications, our units can be seen on their fleets around the globe,” said Alain van Schaik, Strategic Account Manager at Thermo King.

The SLXi 300 Whisper units attenuate noise, which minimises the disturbance during urban distribution and deliveries. Additionally, they also feature next-generation, lower global-warming potential R-452A refrigerant, which lowers the environmental footprint of transport operations.

Henderson Group has been distributing food and groceries to retailers for over 120 years, providing efficiency and sustainability in all of its operations. “We have a strong and extensive partnership with Thermo King because we can count on their quiet, cost efficient, reliable solutions and strong service network. With this support we can be sure that there will be no downtime and our offering will be competitive, which is critical in the retail and logistics business,” explained Pat McGarry, Logistics Director at Henderson Group.

The group has been working closely with the Thermo King dealer in Northern Ireland, Technical Transport Product, because it provides them with extensive support and it covers the service and maintenance contract. SPAR recently invited Thermo King at its conference in Northern Ireland, where it showcased best practices to the 100 SPAR delegates present and its complete product portfolio.

“It was very interesting to meet with Thermo King during our SPAR LOGIT conference and to discuss the current challenges that retail companies are facing today,” said Caroline Schneider, Purchasing Support Manager at SPAR International. “We work closely together in various markets around the globe and were pleased to welcome Thermo King to share best practices with all delegates present.”

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