Freight Transport Association Fleet Engineer Conference

Freight Transport Association Fleet Engineer Conference

The benefits and challenges of Truck Platooning is expected to be one of the key topics looked at during the Freight Transport Association Fleet Engineer Conference that takes place next Month.

The conference is being sponsored by Volvo Trucks, Brigade Electronics, Goodyear Tyre and Texaco. The event is an opportunity for members and delegates to hear about the very latest developments taking place in commercial vehicle technology as well as maintenance legislation changes and best practice advice from a number of leading representative in the industry.

The Conference will be ideally suited for those who have responsibilities associated with the specification of commercial vehicles, ensuring roadworthiness and making sure that all compliance is met for maintaining a fleet.

As well as platooning, the delegates at the event will have the opportunity to hear and discuss hear about and discuss a range of other key issues that are facing the industry at the moment. These other topics include the impact that Transport for London’s Direct Vision Standard could have on the industry as well as the introduction of the latest low carbon vehicles to the market.

The lineup for this year’s Fleet Engineer Conference has the potential to create an innovative insight for anyone that is involved in work with commercial vehicles. This year there has been a range of new developments in the fleet engineering sector, making the last year exciting. Freight Transport has been in the news on a regular basis and with a range of new developments like truck platooning and work to reduce emissions and increase vehicle safety, there is a lot to be looked at and discussed at this year’s FTA Fleet Engineer conference.

The FTA Fleet Engineer conference will be taking place on the 28th November and the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Other topics to be looked at during this event include DVSA Earned Recognition/ Digital Data, Gas Vehicles and Electric vehicles, and upskilling technical teams and CPD.

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