Fleets in Charge Conference 2024 : Speaker List

Fleets in Charge Conference 2024 : Speaker List

Fleets in Charge Conference 2024 : Expert speakers from across government, automotive and the fleet sector share key analysis and the latest insights into the current journey towards transport decarbonisation in the UK.

The Event

Speaker list 
  • Anthony Browne MP
  • Ash Tate – Allstar
  • Bill Esterson MP
  • Caroline Low – DfT
  • Chris Jones – Admiral Pioneer
  • Claire Miller
  • Edmund King – The AA
  • Euring Druce – Stellantis
  • Gerry Keaney – BVRLA
  • Ian Plummer – Auto Trader
  • Jack Palmer – Frost and Sullivan
  • James Douglas – Motability Operations
  • Lakshmi Moorthy – Arval
  • Lorna McAtear – National Grid
  • Michael Ayres – Flexible Power Systems
  • Paul Hollick – AFP
  • Rob Simister – Centrica
  • Steve Fowler – Event chair
  • Stuart Murphy – Royal Mail
  • Vicky Read – Charge UK
  • Vincent St Claire – Fleet Assist

These speakers, along with many others, will be sharing their expertise, discussing emerging trends, and providing actionable strategies to optimise your fleet operations.


  • How are we doing? Packed full of robust KPIs on everything from customer demand and charging infrastructure to vehicle supply and total cost of ownership, the BVRLA’s latest Road to Zero Report Card provides an essential update on the fleet sector’s transition to zero emissions.
  • The Policy Perspective – Transport Minister/DfT/Labour What is on the Government’s Transition To-Do List and where is it expecting the Market to muddle through?
  • Retail in Detail We cannot rely on fleet buyers alone to sustain the BEV market. What is happening with retail demand for new and used electric vehicles and how can we tackle the market imbalance that threatens to derail our ZEV Mandate targets?
  • Are Fleets still in Charge? Fleet registrations have driven the early market for BEVs, but are operators still feeling positive about the transition? Five fleet flag bearers share their stories from the front line.
  • Risky Business How is the insurance industry managing the risks and costs that come with rapid fleet electrification, automation and connectivity?
  • Fleet Futures What are the latest trends in future mobility? What can data do for your fleet? Are you ready for the Software Defined Vehicle Era?
  • Fleet Survival Guide How do you maintain and operate a safe, sustainable and cost effective fleet in a world of near constant technological change? Will AI transform fleet management?

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