ELB Partners Helps Batt Cables with Growth

ELB Partners Helps Batt Cables with Growth

ELB Partners, a one-stop logistics solution provider, has aided the growth of Kent-based Batt Cables with the help of its reliable logistics links.

ELB MD Peter Eason, said it had supported Batt Cables for 18 years, adding: “We’ve been supporting Batt Cables with its short-haul requirements for 18 years and fully understand the time-critical nature of their goods. As their logistics partner, we are pleased to see the business go from strength to strength during such a challenging time and to be able to offer the flexibility they need to achieve this.”

A leading UK cable supplier and cable distributor, Batt Cables, commented on the situation, saying the haulier had met each and every one of their needs, even through challenging and unexpected times. ELB Partners provided enhanced scanning and tracking capabilities and invested in newer, cleaner vehicles, all while the Covid-19 pandemic raged across the UK.

As a result of this great collaboration and excellent growth trajectory they are on, Batt Cables said it continued supplying electricians and other keyworkers with their cabling needs, including fibre optic and data carrying wires and accessories, and kept the UK connected during lockdown.

“In March 2020, our competitors all went into lockdown while we remained fully operational, which resulted in a big increase in demand for our cables. Customers who came to us during that time have stayed with Batt Cables, upping our distribution from two trailers to three trailers per day,” said Gary Heuerman, Transport Manager at Batt Cables.

“Having a reliable logistics solution has been key to our growth during this time as we have needed increased flexibility to meet the requirements of our UK-wide customers and the sharp growth in sales we have experienced.”

ELB Partners now distributes 150 pallets daily on behalf of the cable specialist thanks to its membership of the Pallet-Track network.

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