Driving and operating bans for Insch haulier

Driving and operating bans for Insch haulier

Scotland’s Traffic Commissioner has disqualified the owner of a Insch haulage business for breaching safety.

The commissioner found that Ronald Wink deliberately undermined road safety measures put in place to protect the public from fatigued drivers.

Mr Wink also lost his licence to operate heavy goods vehicles and has been disqualified from professional driving licence for 12 months.

Joan Aitken concluded that Mr Wink, who admitted to government inspectors that he had used a device to create false records of his duties, had no one to blame but himself and his behaviour had not come from a misunderstanding of the rules.
In a written decision issued after a public inquiry last month she remarked: “Fortunately most drivers and their employers or those instructing them would not cross the line into such manipulations.

“Most would not even trouble themselves to find out how it could be done let alone take possession of or craft devices.

“Very few drivers cross the line; when an operator driver crosses the line with no pressure except the pressure of his own decisions and attitude then there cannot be deflection to any other party or cause.”

During the hearing, Mr Wink claimed that he used the device to avoid problems he was encountering with parking.

All of the Traffic Commissioner’s orders came into effect at on Monday, December 26, 2016.

Article taken from Inverurie Herald.

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