Compliance with TfL’s Driver Vision Standard for HGV’s

Compliance with TfL’s Driver Vision Standard for HGV’s

With more than forty years’ experience of repairing HGV’s, Buses, Railway Rolling Stock and a variety of other equipment it was only natural that on announcement of TfL’s Standard, Truck Align London Ltd took up the challenge to design a truck door
window to assist with compliance.

Truck Align knew that simply cutting a hole in a door and filling it with a piece of glass wasn’t the answer unless the end result was OEM standard.

Consequently, the company set about designing and testing a variety of possible installations. It soon became apparent, from the testing of prototype windows and the negative feed-back from operators about product from other manufacturers, there were some major issues to address before the desired quality could be achieved. The most significant of which being to retain the glass within the framework of the door! Furthermore, to ensure the glass is easily cleaned which meant it could not be a double glazed unit!

The resulting unit is a unique bonded single glass construction which retains the structural integrity of the door without imposing any weight penalty. The cab interior is finished with a customized trim with the outer frame colour matched to the paint finish of the cab.

The Company’s claim the product is OEM standard is supported by a request from one of the world’s foremost truck manufacturers to supply samples for evaluation as an on-line option!

Marketing its product as Truck Door Windows Truck Align is carrying out installations on new and used trucks at its base in Dartford Kent. However, since TfL’s Standard is applicable to trucks from any part of the UK the Company offers a number of
options for those installations. There’s a like-for- like option whereby a door is delivered to Dartford and an identical unit returned. Alternately, the installation can be done with door in-situ or as a stand-alone. Typically, installations are completed
and ready for collection/delivery within 24 hours.

If, a customer implements a roll-over programme involving a number of vehicles, Truck Align will provide a vehicle for the driver of the first truck to return to his base. It being returned following the last conversion being delivered.

Obviously, attempting to carry out installations for companies across the UK from one location is not feasible or practical. Consequently, Truck Align is seeking to establish installation centres across the UK and Europe. It will supply not only the
complete kit but also advice on the best tools required; or even supply them as part of a kit.

Comprehensive training, at no cost, is provided either in-house or at the Installation Centre. The ROI is attractive and stock levels realistic.

Internationally, Truck Align has supplied windows for a Romanian company, following an exhibition in Amsterdam, as well as to Scania, Sweden.

A comprehensive range of windows is available covering most makes and models of truck. However, the company will produce a bespoke unit within three to four weeks of receiving a request where one is currently not of the shelf!

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