‘Classic’ Fh Package Brings Volvo Back To Evans Transport

‘Classic’ Fh Package Brings Volvo Back To Evans Transport


‘Classic’ Fh Package Brings Volvo Back To Evans Transport

Describing the Truck & Bus Wales and West offer as a ‘great package’, Nigel Evans, managing director of Evans Transport Ltd and Seymour Transport added that ‘it was good to see some Volvos back in the fleet.’

Four ‘Classic’ Volvo FH13-500 6×2 mid-lift tractor units, fitted with the spacious Globetrotter XL cab, are the latest of several such units to join the 140-strong fleet which operates nationwide.

More than 20-years ago the high-profile company was well known for its close ties with the Volvo product. But the acquisition of another dealer outlet meant that the allegiance to Volvo was gradually phased out.

“In the interim there have been some issues with other makes in areas such as fuel consumption, reliability and residual values,” admitted Nigel Evans, adding:“We have high expectations that the Volvos will address some, if not all of these areas.”

Driver reaction to the new Volvos is described as ‘first-class’ with the automated I-Shift gearbox coming in for particular praise.Three of the ’Classic’ FHs will be used on general haulage work. One has been retro-fitted with a PTO and pump and will operate with bulk tipping trailers.

The 500-hp Volvo engine and I-Shift gearbox is considered the ideal driveline for vehicles that will have to negotiate the hilly areas of Devon and Cornwall as well as the country’s motorways. In addition to making life easier and more relaxed for the driver, the high torque output 13 litre engine is expected to reveal excellent fuel figures.

The GT-XL cabs are equipped to a very high standard for a fleet vehicle and include driver comforts such as a full-leather trim and under-bunk refrigerator.

“We will be monitoring the overall performance of the Volvos closely with particular reference to the back-up provided by the servicing network. “We have high hopes that it is as good now as it was twenty years ago,” said Nigel Evans.

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