Bridgestone’s Exclusive Ecopia To Take Fleets Further

Bridgestone’s Exclusive Ecopia To Take Fleets Further

R249II EVO Ecopia

Bridgestone’s Exclusive Ecopia To Take Fleets Further

Bridgestone is promising greater savings on fuel, along with significant reductions in rolling resistance and irregular wear, courtesy of an exclusive new truck tyre which has been unveiled for the first time.

The world’s largest tyre manufacturer has introduced the new R249II EVO Ecopia – a steer truck tyre taking fleet operators further than ever before at an even lower cost per kilometre*.

The R249II EVO Ecopia is available in size 315/60R22.5 and was engineered with significantly reduced irregular wear for vastly improved mileage*, while at the same time reducing rolling resistance and thus enabling fleets to save on fuel consumption.

Greater mileage

New technologies evenly distribute acceleration and braking forces that work on the tyre, significantly reducing irregular wear. An optimised casing line and belt tension reduce the wear energy on the shoulder rib. As a result the life of the tyre is prolonged and considerably more mileage can be achieved.

Additionally by using state-of-the art NanoPro-Tech compounds that reduce internal friction, avoiding energy loss in the top compound as the tyre rotates, the R249II EVO Ecopia provides a no compromise answer for fuel efficiency with this exceptional mileage and durability.

Increased load capacity

Joining the innovative line-up of EVO tyres, also the R249II EVO Ecopia is equipped with Turn-in-Ply technology, ensuring a stronger and more resilient bead which increases the tyre’s durability and allows heavier loads to be carried.

“Fleets need a tyre with great durability that will also enable them to save fuel as much as possible. This is precisely what the R249II EVO Ecopia offers them” says Harald Van Ooteghem, Senior Manager, Commercial Marketing Planning, Bridgestone Europe.

The R249II EVO Ecopia in size 315/60R22.5 is available now for the replacement and original equipment markets.

(*) based on internal calculations and field test performance in Spain, France and The Netherlands in 2012

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