Bridgestone & Webfleet Showcase Tyre and Mobility Solution

Bridgestone & Webfleet Showcase Tyre and Mobility Solution

Bridgestone and its globally trusted fleet management solution, Webfleet, will be at IAA Transportation 2022 to showcase its diverse portfolio of premium tyres, tyre-centric technologies and advanced mobility solutions designed to improve efficiency, sustainability and convenience for fleets.

Together, Bridgestone and Webfleet are on a mission to move the world towards a sustainable future of mobility. IAA Transportation 2022, which will take place in Hannover, Germany from 19th to 25th September, will give fleets a unique opportunity to learn more about the products and data-driven mobility solutions Bridgestone and Webfleet can offer them to enhance their performance.

Beyond its premium tyre portfolio, Bridgestone will also showcase Fleetcare. A new and unique integrated tyre and fleet management solution, Fleetcare delivers enhanced efficiency and reduced operating costs to fleets thanks to a complete package from a single mobility partner.

Fleetcare combines Bridgestone’s premium tyres and tyre management solutions with Webfleet fleet management solution to help fleets fast-forward their business. Supported by proven technologies, Fleetcare is customisable to the unique needs of each fleet and aims to reduce total cost of ownership, increase customer satisfaction, save time, support compliance, maximise safety and security and enhance sustainability.

As part of its Fleetcare offering, Bridgestone will also unveil its new dedicated and off-the-shelf solution for small and medium truck & bus, commercial vans and passenger car fleets at the show.

Through new solutions like Fleetcare, Bridgestone showcases its ability to be the right partner to help fleets effectively navigate both the complex demands of their operations and the many possible mobility solutions a fleet can deploy on their growth journey.

Webfleet gives fleet customers the data-driven insights and tools they need to improve their fleet and mobility performance and take advantage of the new opportunities arising from the connected world. With Webfleet’s products and solutions, users can take action to reduce fuel consumption, increase safety, go electric, increase productivity while staying compliant with tacograph regulations and much more.

As a sustainable solutions company and a leading partner for fleets, Bridgestone has a strong commitment to making businesses more efficient and sustainable through its portfolio of premium tyres, tyre-centric technologies, and advanced mobility solutions that include Webfleet.

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