Bob Celebrates 40 Years With Fitzmaurice Carriers

Bob Celebrates 40 Years With Fitzmaurice Carriers

Loyal lorry driver, Robert ‘Bob’ Grimes, is this month celebrating 40 years transporting goods for East Anglian businesses at Fitzmaurice Carriers.

The keen kayaker and HGV driver joined Fitzmaurice in 1984 and has made tens of thousands of journeys across the East of England to collect and deliver goods for the experts in distribution and logistics.

“It’s amazing to think the company was just 65 years young when I joined, and now I’ve witnessed our 105th anniversary! I’d love to say I don’t feel a day older, but I have put one or two miles on the clock too” says Bob.

Established in 1919, Fitzmaurice Carriers are a family business with extensive local heritage and have become a highly recognisable name in East Anglia.

Their black and gold livery has been a fixture on the roads around Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire for over 100 years, with Bob at the steering wheel for four decades as one of their team of drivers.

For his 40th anniversary, his colleagues gave him a cake with an image of 90’s sitcom curmudgeon Victor Meldrew to help Bob and the team mark the milestone.

“Any business is about the people you work with and we’re very proud that Bob has been a true stalwart for us for 40 years. With so much experience, he’s got an amazing intuition for getting on with what needs doing” says Paul Gare, Depot Manager.

Played by the actor Richard Wilson, Victor Meldrew was the main character in the BBC sitcom ‘One Foot in the Grave’ which ran from 1990 until a final Christmas special in 2000.

Newly retired, the series features the mishaps of Victor who is continuously complaining and exclaims ‘I don’t believe it’ whenever the worst inevitably happens to him.

“Bob is part of the backbone of our company and is always ready to help and support his colleagues. Outside work, he’s happiest when he’s kayaking and has even been known to crack a smile whilst paddling the waterways!” adds Paul.

Bob is a Class 2 qualified driver, operating large HGV’s which transports goods for Fitzmaurice Carriers’ wide range of clients, including wholesalers, cash & carry outlets, restaurants and schools.

Today, Fitzmaurice Carriers is one of the leading transportation and logistics companies in the East of England, boasting a modern fleet of over 30 vehicles and a portfolio of warehousing.

The business is independent and not part of any pallet network, which means they personally deliver every consignment, with full accountability from start to finish.

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