BJS Haulage Shows Support for Ukraine with New Truck

BJS Haulage Shows Support for Ukraine with New Truck

Midlands based logistics company BJS Haulage are showing their support for Ukraine and highlighting the hopelessness of war with a thought-provoking truck. A bespoke blue and yellow colourway version of their livery also features a poem, written by staff member Katy Walton.

Like so many of us I have been feeling very helpless about the situation unfolding in Ukraine, and aware that other conflicts are taking place across the globe. The little poem ‘Global breeze’ highlights the connectedness of us all as citizens of earth, and how utterly self-destructive all conflict is to our species,” said the ‘poet lorry-ate’.

Global Breeze

Tensions lie from East to West 

But wouldn’t it be best

To view earth’s wind as human breath,

And war to all as death. 

“I wrote it on a coffee break, not thinking for a moment about where it would end up or who else might see it –but realised the logistical references to East and West actually made it a fit for our branding and aligned well to the global supply chain connectedness of our industry,” Katy continued.

“BJS is a corporate with compassionate values and we have used our truck liveries to highlight important causes and recognise individuals before – with a rainbow PRIDE truck to help educate out prejudice and make LGBT+ people, in all their rich diversity, visible. We also honoured NHS keyworkers for their role in keeping the country moving during the pandemic. 

“I will be interested to see what response we have to the poem and like to think it may be a conversation starter for those in vehicles behind our truck on the road. Perhaps a reminder that we all have more in common than what divides us.

“The current global climate affects us all personally and professionally. As an industry our truck liveries are message boards and at BJS Haulage we use them for good causes as well as self-promotion. Katy’s poem on our trailer is an example of how we like to do things differently at BJS. We don’t like to blend in, and we always stand out for the right reasons on the road,” added sales director David McWilliams.

The poem has also been included in a collection of fundraising T shirts by a group of Ukrainian Creatives, a project that has also been supported by famous fashion illustrator David Downton, actress and pin-up diva Dita von Teese and even Elon Musk’s mom Maye.

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