Bibby's Concept Trailer Eliminates Wet Claims

Bibby's Concept Trailer Eliminates Wet Claims

Bibby Distribution, one of the top ten logistics providers in the UK, developed a concept trailer for SAICA Paper that delivered 100% success in 2017, abolishing wet claims for the international supplier on all of its journeys. The bespoke curtainsider was created by 3PL together with specialists at Don-Bur, in which they incorporated a range of specifications designed to keep water out and ensure safe operation.

“To say there hasn’t been a single wet claim on deliveries made by the concept trailer is incredible. Deliveries made by this concept trailer removes any worry for us and gives us total confidence that we can deliver full customer satisfaction,” said Chris Johnson, SAICA Paper’s UK Logistics Manager. He thinks that Bibby Distribution managed to raise the bar with this product and he hopes that more and more businesses will use it because it has the potential to eliminate the problem of wet claims.
He carried on and explained that the trailer has “a triple-layer floor and a double-skinned, ultra-thick curtain” that helps them avoid the issues of curtains that aren’t under the pelmet properly or the wires wrapped around paper bales that cause damage.

The reason behind Bibby’s concept trailer was to tackle the cost problems raised by water-damaged reels and limit the risk of the manufacturer to lose its customers because of the amount of wet reels delivered. The savings that Bibby brought to SAICA’S Carrington factory reach over the year more than £8,000.

“Bibby Distribution ensure SAICA Paper’s customers get the very best service and products which is always our primary objective, and our collaboration is making a tangible difference to us and to our customers,” commented Johnson.
The logistics company specialises in providing contract logistics, warehousing, distribution, system integration, and added value services to a wide range of customers. It operates from 90 locations across the UK and it employs 2,000 people.

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