Ball Truckin' Transport Chooses Ford & Slater as Provider

Ball Truckin' Transport Chooses Ford & Slater as Provider

Ford & Slater has been chosen for the third year running by family run haulage company, Ball Truckin’ Transport, as sole provider of Genuine DAF parts and TRP all makes parts.

As a specialist in the transportation of food ingredients and fresh bakery products throughout the UK and Europe, Ball Truckin’ would regularly contact multiple suppliers for the parts requirements of their mixed fleet of over 150 vehicles, repaired and maintained in-house – a process which can prove a costly and time-consuming approach.

Ford & Slater recognised an opportunity to make this process more straightforward and efficient and approached Ball Truckin’ Director Alan Ball with a ‘one-stop-shop’ Genuine DAF parts and TRP all makes parts solution.

The ‘one-stop-shop’ model sees Ford & Slater take control of Ball Truckin’s imprest stock holding to instead offer a 24-hour supply of parts across the entire fleet of trucks and trailers, supplied through a combination of Genuine DAF Parts and TRP all-makes parts.

“Ball Truckin’ is a name known throughout our business, from sales to after sales and servicing. We are always looking to add value to our customers, so offered a package which would alleviate their need for multiple suppliers and streamline the parts supply to make it as hassle-free and efficient as possible,” explained Ford & Slater Group Parts General Manager, Matt Archer.

Alan first implemented the Ford & Slater ‘one-stop-shop’ solution into his business in 2015, following a seven-year, strong business relationship with Ford & Slater’s Leicester dealership.

“Having a one-stop-shop parts supply is a huge benefit to a company like ours, which has a mixed fleet. Ford & Slater’s parts package is competitively priced, products are always in stock and always of high quality,” said Alan.

“Working with one main supplier instead of many has definitely saved us money in the long run, but the most noticeable improvement we have seen is the time savings. Ford & Slater

know how we work, what we need and when and where we need it. We no longer have to worry about what we have in stock or where we have to get the parts from,” he concluded.


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